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10 Ways I Learned to Love Running

For all the reasons I used to despise…and mean hate…running—it gave me stitches, it hurt my shins, my shoes were too tight, it darn well hurt every inch of my body for days after—I vowed that I would become a runner, eventually.

I’m sure those of you who didn’t love running the first, second or third week you laced up your sneakers will agree, you have to train yourself to get stoked about runs. Beginner runners often have to proactively prevent a runner’s rut by finding their own personal fun in each run. Here are ten ways that I (personally) trained myself to love running…


1. Incorporate Running Rewards

Sometimes a little incentive is all it takes to start off motivated about the more obvious benefits of running. When you’re not stoked about the weight loss and energy gains, something as simple as new sneakers, a new warm up suit, or a weekly massage might be just the thing to start you moving!

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