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10 Tips For Finding the Perfect Sports Bra

On one rather balmy morning run this past summer, I was jogging my normal route when all of a sudden my mammaries made a jailbreak from my tried and true sports bra!

Alright I admit that I was hanging on to a sports bra that had literally lasted 5-years, probably 250 machine washes and was hanging on by a few threads (and maybe a safety pin or two). My point is, my embarrassing wardrobe malfunction was my own fault, but it made one thing very clear—I was in the market for a new sports bra.

Now I know better than to sub fashion for function when it comes to workout gear. However, I hate bra shopping more than swimsuit shopping and skinny jean shopping combined (yeah, it’s that bad). What I was after was not only a sports bra that would keep the girls under wraps, but also one that would provide the best support, cushioning, fit, and still be flattering for my shape.

So here are my 10 tips for finding the perfect sports bra for any woman’s unique chest:

1. Must Support that Bust

It’s true what they say; a sports bra is like an old friend, it should hold you close and support you in times of vulnerability. And just like a loyal friend, your sports bra can be motivating and encouraging for your health. However, a bad sports bra (like a poor friend) can stress you out and embarrass you if it drops the ball (your boobs in this case). Look for a sports bra that holds your breasts snuggly but comfortably.  Give it the jump test.

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