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10 Influential Summer Fitness Trends

Summer is in full swing and it’s time to go outside and enjoy the sun and warm weather. Like many others, you probably want to look and feel good when you hit the beach. The good news is, it’s easy and fun to reach your health and fitness goals by taking advantage of the weather and outdoor activities that come along with summer. You can easily mix up your fitness routine and do something new by trying out some of this year’s summer fitness trends.

Whether you enjoy sports, want to push yourself beyond your regular race training, or have a desire to just get outside and go, summer is the perfect time to do so. So skip the gym and try out some of these 10 influential summer fitness trends…


1. Obstacle-Style Races

Gone are the days of running regular races and marathons. Obstacle-style races have emerged as one of the trendiest ways to get fit while having fun doing it. They get you in great shape because not only do you have to train for the cardio and endurance aspect like regular races, but the obstacles require strength and flexibility, and often teamwork. There are many obstacle-style races to choose from but Tough Mudder seems to be the most popular and generally, very difficult because the obstacles are based on military training courses. The summer is the perfect time to challenge yourself with an obstacle-style race and get in fantastic shape training for it.


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