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10 Important Tips for Life Long Exercise

It is all too common to see crowds of people migrating to the gyms and fitness centers in early summer only to wave a final goodbye to a few months later.  Beginning an exercise program isn’t the hard part…it’s sticking with it that offers the greatest challenge.  If falling off the wagon is becoming all too familiar, consider the following top ten tips for lifelong exercise success…


1.  A Focus on Health Will Enhance Long Term Success

How many times have you joined a Spin class or CrossFit program only to run out of steam, motivation, and interest months later?   Most people tend to join gyms or begin a run program with the hopes of losing weight.  Unfortunately, when that doesn’t occur as fast or as effectively as they had desired, motivation wanes and they slide back into old behaviours.

The key to successful, long term exercise is a focus on health instead of weight loss or body changes.  If the usual motivation to run is all about calories burned and fat lost, the health-based motivations would focus on all the great health benefits of running including gains in muscular and cardiovascular strength, stress reduction, and even an overall feeling of well-being.  By focusing on health, the expectations shift from pounds lost or achieving that flat belly, to having more bounce in one’s step or the ability to run up the stairs without sucking wind.  Remember, the current trend in fitness isn’t about skinny, it’s all about strength!

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