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10 Easy Ways to Stay Active and Exercise On Vacation

Vacations can be many things: exciting, relaxing, adventurous, and fun. But if you’re like everyone else, odds are you’ve experienced some dread stepping on the scale or hitting up your gym for the first time after a break, and realizing that trip set you back physically.

Going on vacation doesn’t need to mean you give up on exercising for the time you’re away. And if you’re like many others who are dedicated to regular exercise and healthy living, holidays can put a wrench in your fitness regime if you don’t know how to fit in exercise during your trip. Vacations don’t have to stop you from staying fit and active, and can actually provide new and interesting ways to exercise. Here are ten easy ways to stay active and exercise on vacation…

1. Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight exercises are an ideal way to workout on vacation because there are hundreds of exercises you can do without any equipment. And you can do bodyweight exercises from anywhere, such as your hotel room. Or, if you’re used to working out outside, you can do the exercises in a park or on a beach, depending on your surroundings. Before you go on your trip, look up bodyweight exercises that will give you a full workout or that focus on the areas you’re currently targeting—from burpees and lunges to pushups and triceps dips. The only thing you need is you and gravity!

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