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Wrap Yourself in These Delicious Comfort Food Facts

The holidays are one time when we might indulge in certain foods we might not otherwise, but it turns out some of them that can provide some benefits. We hear constantly that comfort foods like baked macaroni and cheese and fried chicken are bad for us, but remember the old adage—”everything in moderation”.

This time of year especially can be stressful, and you’ve worked hard all year. So why not indulge in a bit of comfort food? You could be doing yourself a favor, not to mention taking some time out to enjoy some delicious food. In honor of National Comfort Food Day on December 5th, here are six reasons you shouldn’t be afraid to take comfort in what you eat now and then…

1. Improved Mood

Psychology Today points to a study that shows “comfort” foods can actually improve your mood. Not only will you get a rush of positive thoughts and feelings from indulging a bit, comfort foods are actually effective in decreasing feelings of loneliness, according to the source.

“When we eat these comfort foods, we reconnect with meaningful associations to others,” it explains, adding that non-human experiences can also make you feel part of something bigger. If you’re living with depression, keep in mind the chemical composition of what you’re consuming “can affect cognition, influence mood and physical body states,” it adds. Balanced food leads to a balanced brain, explains the source.

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