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Whole Wheat Bread Vs. White Bread: Which is Healthier

Although many of you can probably guess the outcome of this next match up, we’re letting whole wheat and white bread go head-to-head to see which loaf is healthier.

So before you make your lunchtime sandwich, let’s compare white vs. whole wheat bread to see which loaf comes out on top…


1. How White vs. Whole Wheat Breads Are Made

The major difference in white bread vs. whole wheat breads is in how they’re made. For instance, wheat breads are made from whole-wheat flour—while white breads remove the bran and wheat germ from wheat flour, and bleach it to make white loaves. White bread also contains added chemicals for the bleaching process—namely chlorine dioxide gas, potassium bromate, and benzoyl peroxide.

If it’s a taste preference, which it is for many, get your nutrition by buying a white whole-wheat bread loaf, which is made with lighter wheat for added nutrients, but tastes like white bread.

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