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The 10 Worst Foods For Your Heart

Deep fried chicken, deep dish pepperoni pizza, gravy slathered fries, sugar dipped donuts, and burgers dripping with ooey-gooey cheese—my arteries are clogging up just thinking about it!

The following foods are some of the worst culprits when it comes to heart health. Sure, when eaten in moderation, you can get away with the odd croissant or eggs Bennie, but if these foods are a regular part of your diet, your heart may be suffering the delicious consequences…

1. Red Meat

Hard chewing carnivores probably aren’t too happy to hear that red meat is not so great for your heart if it’s a regular part of your diet. But luckily, you can enjoy a steak in moderation. Consider it more like a treat meal every few weeks rather than your regular Tuesday and Thursday night meal and you’ll stay heart healthy with a lean cut of sirloin, a thick slice of eye of round roast, or sirloin tips.

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