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Overactive Bladder? Here are 8 Foods and Drinks to Avoid

Overactive bladder, or OAB, is a problem that affects millions of people in North America. Generally, it impacts people more as they get older, with the condition intensifying if there’s a family history of bladder problems. Of course, if you simply consume a lot of fluids — say, you work out most days and drink a lot of water — you may find yourself making overly frequent pit stops.

But there are a number of foods that can make this problem more prevalent. If you find that you’re getting up in the middle of the night to use the washroom, then it may be time to try avoiding some of the foods and beverages found on the following list.

1. Citrus Fruit

People love their citrus fruit, and no wonder — fruits like oranges, tangerines, and grapefruits are sweet and delicious, making them excellent on their own or added to smoothies and salads. On top of that, citrus fruit contains loads of vitamin C, which can help keep our immune system working as it should — something that’s particularly important during the long winter months when people spend lots of time inside and in the company of others.

But eating a lot of citrus fruit does have its drawbacks, particularly if you find yourself going to the washroom a lot. That’s because the compounds in citrus fruit can activate the bladder, making you think you need to use the restroom even when you don’t. The problem is the acidity of citrus fruit, so if you’re having issues with overactive bladder, consider swapping out oranges and grapefruit in favor of berries or bananas.

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