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Let’s Shoot the Breeze About Gas

2. What Produces Excess Gas?

We’ve already established that farting, or flatulence, is a healthy part of everyday life. However, several different factors can contribute to excess gas build-up (which is what causes us to fart). Many are normal every day occurrences and others are health concerns. One of the most common sources of this excess air is exterior.

This can refer to air that’s breathed in by excess (i.e., if you laugh, hiccup, chew gum, or inhale too much air when smoking) and gulp down too much air into your interior plumbing. Gas that results from excess swallowed air is typically a mix of hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen, commonly sourced from carbonated drinks (i.e., soda). Obviously the more air you take it—the louder (and more embarrassingly) you’ll tend to pass gas.

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