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Healthy Advice That Olympians Live By

If you want to know what it takes to fuel up for success, stay lean, improve your energy, and stay motivated, ask one of our 2014 Sochi Olympic athletes.

The following Olympic athletes share their “golden” health advice to live by…

1. Team Work is Motivating

“It’s hard to get motivated…especially when it’s the dead of winter when you’re tired, you’re cold… and you’re like, “Do I really have to put sneakers on?” but working out with others [makes it] a lot easier. That’s something I love about being part of a team…we can pull strength from each other and motivate one another to push that little bit extra. [Working out with others] is always key for me…[when] I might be in a little rut.”

~ Julie Chu, U.S. Women’s Ice Hockey Olympian

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