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Health and Fitness Claims: 10 Ways to Tell Fact from Fallacy

It seems like every day we are faced with another study or claim that may impact our health.  From the latest superfood to cancer causer, the average health-focused consumer can become overwhelmed (and frustrated) by the constant borage of health claims.

In order to make sense of the many senseless infomercials touting the latest and quickest weight loss products or tummy tightener tactics, there are a few tips that may help to weed out the snake oil from the sanity…


1. Too Good to Be True Claims

We have all experienced that desire that comes with buying into the promises of quick and easy fat loss and beauty.  From miracle creams that doctors don’t want you to know about to exercise equipment that will whittle the waistline within a few weeks, we have all been seduced to believe (or hope) maybe this time it will work.

The sad reality is there will never be gold at the end of that rainbow.  If something appears too good to be true…it is.  There has yet to be a magic pill that will reap the benefits without having to put out the effort.  Good health, weight loss, and enhanced energy take time, patience, and commitment (sadly enough).

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