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Hacking Your Will Power

We are filled with the best intentions. We would love to be productive—whether that means losing weight, living healthy or meeting deadlines, but it can be hard to convince ourselves to make the necessary sacrifices. We get frustrated, kicking ourselves for not fitting in that run or for being late with those papers. The truth is, we can’t always rely on will power to propel us into productivity.

Here are six ways to trick ourselves into the productive lifestyle we all picture…


1. Rise and Shine

Put your alarm clock in your bathroom. That way when it goes off, you’ll be forced to either roll out of the covers and into the bathroom or to be driven insane by its incessant whaling. It’s unrealistic to expect that you won’t reach for that snooze button at least once. Take away the temptation that comes with having your alarm clock an arm’s length away.

Steve Pavlina is the American self-help author of Personal Development for Smart People. He refers to the state we wake up in as a “brain fog”. According to Pavlina, it’s completely unrealistic to rely on your self will and decision making to get out of bed when you’re in that fog. Something needs to force you wake up, and distancing your alarm clock will do so. Once you’re up, you’ll be more likely to stay up, or to at least think twice before retiring back to bed.

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