Does Garlic Salt Have Any Health Benefits?

Making garlic bread for dinner tonight? Now you could chop up some fresh garlic—but what a tedious and messy business! How about sprinkling on some powdered garlic? Many chefs opt for garlic salt instead for a little tang. However, is garlic salt and powdered garlic the same thing?

1. Garlic Salt vs. Garlic Powder

All right, first things first, garlic powder and garlic salt are NOT one and the same spice! Dried garlic powder is made from fresh garlic. However, garlic salt is actually a type of seasoned salt.

Garlic salt is made up of 3 parts table salt with 1 part dried ground garlic with a type of anti-caking agent—such as calcium silicate. In the end garlic salt is mostly salt. However, you can sprinkle it on breads, in sauces, an on sides for a salty boost with a slightly garlicky tang.


2. Garlic Salt Medicinally

While garlic salt is mainly made up of table salt, you should use this spice sparingly. However, the garlic within this spice has been used medicinally for ages—mainly to enhance immunity.

Therapeutically, garlic, both fresh and dried, is recognized widely for it’s anti-viral, anti-bacteria, and anti-fungi properties. Studies from Harvard Medical School credit garlic with fighting off the common cold and several other mild infections because of its natural immune-boosting abilities.

cold flu

3. Garlic to Prevent Cancer

In fact, research from the University of Maryland Medical Center notes that garlic supplementation can help lower the risk of certain types of cancer.

Most notably, studies from the university show that diets rich in fresh garlic, powdered garlic, and even garlic salt, can help prevent pancreatic and colon cancer—particularly if you have a family history of the disease.


4. Garlic Helps Ward Off Hypertension

Diets rich in garlic—in all forms—have also been linked with lower rates of hypertension and healthy cholesterol.

Research from Oregon State University notes that eating garlic in numerous forms, including garlic salt, works as a vasodilator—meaning it reduces high blood pressure and decreases stress on the heart and blood vessels.


5. Garlic for Better Cholesterol

The garlic in garlic salt can also help lower bad LDL (low density lipoproteins), which cause narrowing within the artery walls, while increasing beneficial HDL (high density lipoproteins), which helps to ward off heart disease.

Just remember, since garlic salt is mainly salt, this spice is best used in moderation. For increased garlic consumption, look to fresh garlic and garlic powder instead.



Catherine Roberts

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