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Diabetes Diet: Top Offenders and Their Healthier Alternatives

Diabetes – it’s a disease that affects more than 100-million Americans (as diabetes and prediabetes), according to a 2017 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

While there are medical methods to help manage diabetes, your diet plays a huge role – what you take in on a daily basis can make a big difference, and in many cases it only takes a relatively small change to your menu. While monitoring the sugar and carbohydrate content of foods is important if you’re diabetic, you also need to pay close attention to fat content to manage the risk of heart disease. Here are 12 foods to avoid, and their safer (but still satisfying) alternatives…

1. Meat May Not Meet Your Needs

We all need a good source of protein, but it doesn’t have to come from beef or pork, which are often rich in saturated fats (one of the “bad” fats), says the American Diabetes Association.

There are many plant-based sources of protein to choose from, and they often contain “healthy” fats and fiber (but they also can be rich in carbohydrates, so be sure to read the labels). The association suggests trying baked beans, hummus, lentils, and almond butter, to name a few. If you have an unstoppable red meat craving, you can limit the impact by selecting the leanest options that have been trimmed of fat, it adds.

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