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Champagne vs. Wine: Which is Healthier?

I always feel so classy when I drink champagne. Not because I swill expensive bottles of bubbly, but because I drink it so rarely compared to wine. Now I’m a big proponent of drinking red wine for the cardio-vascular benefits. I don’t overdo it, but I’m known to enjoy a glass pretty much daily with dinner.

However, many recent studies put my penchant for red vintages to shame. It would seem that many food scientists are raising a glass in toast to the many health benefits of champagne and sparkling wine—since most bubbly is made with both red and white grapes.  So let’s compare, which is healthier champagne or wine?

1. Champagne is Lower in Calories

If you’re looking forward to enjoying a beverage (or two) but still want to cut calories, champagne and sparkling wine will always come in lower than wine. For instance, a 4-ounce glass of champagne will run you roughly 90-calories—whereas a 4-ounce serving of red wine will deliver 100-calories.


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