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Bouncing Back After a Food Binge

We’ve all done it, there’s no use denying it—we’ve all gone a little, or a lot, overboard, with a food binge.

Yours might have been triggered by stress at work, a night out on the town with friends, or a holiday gathering. Regardless of which, you can redeem yourself after the food blowout of 2014 with these helpful bounce back tips…

1. Don’t Panic

The guilt and anxiety that sets in following a food binge can be more damaging than the actual overeating session itself. Realistically, even if you gobbled down an entire pint of rocky road the night before, you’re not going to pack on a whole whack of weight from a single night of overindulgence. Look at a single binge as a temporary setback, but not like it’s the end of the world. The Calorie Control Council of America recommends the best food binge comeback is simply resuming your balanced, healthy diet and moving forward to avoid regular food binging.

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