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9 Tips for Practicing a Little Self-Control

We could all use a little self-control. Maybe it’s your holiday wish or your New Year’s resolution to enact a little more willpower in 2014.

I know; I know most of you will jump to the conclusion that I’m referring to the self control needed in the wake of all of those Christmas treats you’ll be tempted with. However, when you really think about, willpower filters through all aspects of our lives—from health eating and weight management to healthy personal relationships and triumph over lacking finances.

That’s why I’m tucking these nine tips to exercise a little self control into your stocking…it’s alright, you can open this gift now!

1. Avoid Bringing Temptations Home

Think of your temptations as a lively 20-year-old at a bar. Sure, they appear all shiny and perky, but the passion sure dies down after a brief 15-minute fling. My temptations are red wine and dark chocolate, both of which I don’t bring home to avoid those weaker moments in my week. So if I really want them, I need to make the effort to go out and get them.

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