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9 Sneaky Ways to Get Your Daily Dose of Fibre

It’s no secret that fibre is an important component in our diets. It helps keep our systems ‘moving’ so to speak and also helps control appetite and regulate blood sugar. This is turn helps to control food cravings and keeps you feeling full for longer. Sounds pretty great right? Well sadly most people don’t get the necessary dietary fibre they need each day.

The American Heart Association recommends 25 grams of dietary fibre each day for a 2,000 calorie diet, but on average, most people only get about 14 grams of fibre each day. This is a downright shame as fibre can help reduce the risk of developing certain health conditions including heart disease, diabetes, diverticular disease, constipation, and colon cancer. As we all know, reaching that 25 grams of fibre each day can be difficult. So to help you on your quest, here are nine sneaky (and easy) ways to sneak more fibre into your diet…

1. Start with Breakfast

They don’t call breakfast “the most important meal of the day” for no reason! It’s the meal that kickstarts your day and sets the tone for nutritional health, so it’s important to consider it carefully rather than reaching for whatever is available first thing in the morning.

Getting more fibre at breakfast is easy. If eggs are your thing, try adding a half cup of cooked spinach along side them or two cups of mushrooms. Both these veggies cook down to (seemingly) nothing, but they’re still high in dietary fibre. Or alternatively, have an omelette but rather than adding cheddar cheese and meat, add cooked spinach, mushrooms and a bit of feta.

Egg White Omelet

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