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9 Possible Causes of Amnesia

As far as mental health matters go, amnesia may be one of the most frightening conditions out there. Imagine losing your memories — not just from a long time ago, such as childhood, but from recent months, weeks, even days. Amnesia is such a shocking and upsetting condition that it’s often portrayed in television and film.
That said, while amnesia has been explored in a variety of formats over the years, there is still a lot of uncertainty around the issue. Specifically, many people remain unclear about the symptoms of amnesia. While head trauma is often associated with significant memory loss, it is hardly the only cause of amnesia.

1 – Sudden trauma to the head

There are several types of head trauma that can lead to amnesia and memory loss. The first is perhaps the best known: sudden trauma to the head. This kind of head trauma is often associated with unique and physically devastating events, such as a severe sports injury, work-related accident, or motor vehicle crash.

This kind of sudden and severe head trauma can cause significant damage to the brain and, in some cases, may lead to memory loss. Depending on the age and health of the patient, the amnesia may subside, allowing memories to return.

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