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9 Gifts of Health for Dearest Dad

It’s time to celebrate dad—and all the times he’s been there for you and all the life’s lessons he’s taught you. With Father’s Day right around the corner, we’ve handpicked nine healthy gift items that show effort, thoughtfulness, and consideration for the health and wellness of the #1 man in your life…


1. If Dad Wants to Stay Young…

Ladies, we all know that one of the key ways to younger-looking, firmer, more hydrated skin is by adopting a skin care regimen. However, if dad isn’t big on applying flowery facial creams to his 5-o’clock shadow, it may take some convincing.

Thankfully, a Men’s Grooming Consumer Report from marketing research company, NPD Group, Inc., reveal that one quarter of men have adopted a facial skincare regimen—and use facial cleansers and moisturizers. So help dad, join the bros that care about their skin by gifting him a facial gift basket filled with a deep-cleansing facial wash, a skin-soothing shave gel, a daily SPF-protecting moisturizer, and even a tube of bath soak for achy muscles.

2. If Dad Walks or Runs…

There is no doubt that running and walking are excellent forms of exercise.  Studies show that older individuals who walk regularly, can boast lower rates of diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and arthritis, as well as longer lives—versus those of the same age that have more sedentary lifestyles.

Scientists from University of Colorado, in Boulder, who monitored the physicality of a group of 30 men and women in their mid- to late-60s or early 70s, found that those who jogged at least 3-times each week, not only required less energy to move, but also were able to move (i.e., walk) with the same vigor as sedentary college students. So buy your active dad a pair of cushioned, lightweight sneakers to protect his joints and encourage his healthy walking and running habit.

3. If Dad Cycles…

OK, so your dad has taken up cycling. That means he probably requires a bell for his bike in order to warn pedestrians of his approach as well as to signal his presence to cars so he doesn’t get wiped out on city streets.

However, if a dainty bell isn’t really dad’s idea of a sweaty road warrior, get that man a horn! Luckily, you can find bike horns in loud colors and loud sounds.  That way dad doesn’t have worry about mounting a pretty bell on his macho road machine—and you don’t have to worry about dad being taken out by a bus.

4. If Dad Likes to Grill…

The weather out there is delightful so chances are dad will man the grill a few times this summer. Despite the fact that several studies, including research from the National Cancer Institute, consider grilling a form of cooking that increases rates of colorectal cancer due to charring—which occurs when fat from meat drips onto hot coals and forms polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and heterocyclic amines (HCA). The risk of cancer can be thwarted with a few handy barbecue tools.

Even though a roll of tin foil will do the trick (if you place the foil between the grill and the heat source—it’s not very thoughtful as far as Father’s Day gifts. Instead, splurge and get dear dad a stainless steel grill pan to prevent flare-ups from meat juices making contact with a heat source, and to ensure dad is cooking his dinner over indirect heat. Alternately, the NCI recommends gifting dear dad a trusty craving knife so he can cut away charred parts from meat.

5. If Dad Loves Words…

If dad loves to dig into a crossword puzzle or sudoku along with his morning coffee, he is actually doing his brain a large service. According to research from the Alzheimer’s Association, mental decline with age appears has been linked to altered connections among brain cells, which largely stem from brain inactivity.

This means that keeping the brain challenged with crossword puzzles, memory exercises, and even journaling will strengthen brain cells and restore and rejuvenate new brain cell connections. So give dad the gift of a beautiful leather-bound journal, a part-time learning class, or a collection of crossword and memory puzzles for his amusement.

6. Of Dad Loves to Cook…

Dad loves his tools—even if those tools happen to be for use in the kitchen. Really, when you think about it chopping peppers is not less masculine than chopping wood. Especially if you’re wielding a quality stainless steel, chef’s knife.

According to researchers at the Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness Institute, kitchen tools can get as fancy, and expensive, as woodworking tools. But if you don’t want to break the bank, look for a basic durable knife set—that contains an all-purpose utility knife, a chef’s knife (for chopping and dicing), a vegetable paring knife (for peeling), a bread knife, a meat cleaver, a carving knife, and a sharpening stone).

7. If Dad Travels…

If your dad is a bit of a jet setting (either for work or pleasure), spending a lot of time sitting on airplanes is not the best thing for his health or wellness. According to research from WebMD, being trapped at 8,000-feet leaves the body at risk for depleted oxygen, blood clots (or deep vein thrombosis), and indigestion from bad airplane food.

Make dad’s flying time a little more comfortable and healthy by gifting him a traveller’s survival kit—filled with essentials like an inflatable airplane pillow, healthy snacks, misting spray (for skin dehydration), and an assortment of essential oil roller balls to apply to pulse points for calm and relaxation.

8. If Dad Stays Fit…

For the fit and sporty dad, you can’t really go wrong with a wearable fitness tracker (i.e., Fitbit), especially if dad is also tech-savvy. Look for a device that tracks dad’s specific health goals. For instance, if dad has his sights set on running a half marathon, look for a device that tracks speed, distance, and heart rate, and uploads the stats to a computer.

However, if dad is into adventure hiking or geo-caching, a device with GPS capabilities will be more up his alley. You can even find devices that track and monitor sleep patterns if dad requires techniques for more quality shut-eye.

9. For Dads Who Love to Snack…

If your dad loves to snack as much as mine does—you may be concerned about his choice of noshing foods (I’m looking at you Cheetos). For the Sunday football or baseball game, heart-healthy nuts make the ideal snack.

Not only are nuts (like walnuts and almonds) jam-packed with heart-healthy omega-3 tatty acids, antioxidants, and healthy monounsaturated fats—a few handfuls of raw nuts contain much of the daily-recommended magnesium, calcium, and vitamin E. Fill a gift basket with an assortment of raw, organic nuts in tasty flavors (i.e., tamari almonds, Szechuan pistachios, and curried walnuts).



Emily Lockhart

Emily Lockhart is a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer. She believes that being healthy is a lifestyle choice, not a punishment or temporary fix to attain a desired fitness or body image goal. Anna helps her clients take responsibility for their own health and wellness through her classes and articles on ActiveBeat.