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8 Ways to Manage Insulin Sensitivity

Do you spend a lot of time exercising and eating well with no payoff? If you’re scratching your head over your weight loss plateau you may be suffering from low insulin sensitivity, which can occur when your diet consists of too many simple carbohydrates (sugars) and the body becomes resistant to digesting these carbs and absorbing their nutrients and we are unable to shed weight and may even gain more weight in response. Worse still, the pancreas will begin producing excess amounts of insulin in an attempt to balance blood sugar levels until fatigue—that’s typically when Type 2 diabetes and thyroid issues start to occur.

Luckily, you can reverse the effects of insulin sensitivity and minimize the associated health risks using these tactics…

1. Cut Simple Carbs

We’re not telling you to suddenly go on a low carbohydrate diet here; however, it is wise to ditch the simple and processed carbs (particularly those high in simple sugars) for carbs that are fresh (i.e., fruits and vegetables) and complex in nature (i.e., whole grains, quinoa, and brown rice and pasta).

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