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8 Ways Alcohol is Completely Ruining Your Diet!

Studies consistently show that alcohol ruins even the best intended diets. In fact, an innocent night of celebrating with a few cocktails can set you back 1,000 calories—just during a few hours on the town!

When you think of all the empty calories that cosmopolitan martini—not to mention the insatiable hunger that comes with a night of boozing—you may consider these eight bits of imbibing wisdom before you allow alcohol to ruin yet another attempt to shed some unwanted pounds…

1. Alcohol and Appetite

Drinking alcohol has a negative impact on brain chemicals so it shouldn’t surprise you that drinking will mess with those healthy messages you’ve been trying to get your brain (and belly) to understand.  Realistically, if you drink, you’ll not only lose your inhibitions, but also seek out carbohydrate, sugar, and fat-laden comfort as a late night snack.

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