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8 Tips to a Healthier Barbecue Season

Even though summer is ripe with fresh fruit and veggies, summer potlucks, holiday barbecues, and camping trips can make it a challenge to eat healthy.

So the next time you throw something on the old grill for a day at the beach, or prepare a night of dinner and drinks with friends on your back deck, here are eight tips for healthier barbecue meals…

1. Grill a Healthier Burger

I know that burgers on the grill and summer go hand in hand. However, you can make your barbecue cookout a lot healthier depending what you grill. For instance, burgers can be made with lean ground beef, or lean ground chicken or turkey. You can also make some veggie burgers using beans and complex grains (i.e., quinoa), or grill up some skinless, boneless chicken breasts to put on buns.

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