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Biggest Health Challenges for Aging Adults

The world’s population is aging quickly. The number of adults over the age of 60 will double in the next three decades. Today approximately 12 percent of the population is comprised of persons over the age of 60, in 2050 that number will exceed 22 percent. This is an increase from 900 million to 2 billion people. Not only is the older population increasing, but they are living longer as well.

Older adults face special health challenges which frequently involve several simultaneous ailments and polypharmacy used to address them…

1. Diet

Eating a mostly Mediterranean diet consisting of plenty of fruits and vegetables plus cooking with olive oil instead of butter can improve your health and prevent disease. Eating three or more smaller meals with protein at each meal helps to regulate blood sugar levels.

Older adults often have problems with indigestion and constipation. Limiting acidic foods, drinking plenty of water and eating fibre rich foods can go a long way to treating these problems.

Mediterranean diet

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