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8 Nutritional Myths Debunked Once and For All by Health Experts

When it comes to food misnomers, nutritionists and health experts count these widespread little bites of fiction among the most prevalent, confusing, and downright dangerous.

The following eight erroneous nutritional and fitness facts have zero scientific support, and we have the facts from the experts to back it up. So before you gobble up these myths at face value and incorporate them in your own daily life, we’ll show you how they actually stall weight-loss and evade authentic health efforts…

Myth 1: Negative Calorie Foods

A little bird may have told you to munch on celery or ice berg lettuce because digesting these veggies burns more calories than the actual vegetable provides—but do you actually believe the hype?

The urban myth around so-called “negative calorie foods” is based on an actual proven scientific effect, known as the Thermic Effect of Food (or TEF), which ranges in percentage from 10- to 20-percent concerning the amount of energy expended by the body to digest any given food. So if the TEF maxes out at 20-percent, you can only, realistically, burn 20-percent of the total caloric value of any food you eat. That means the idea that digesting food could put you at a deficit as far as caloric intake is illogical.

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