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8 Mental Health Self-Saboteurs

Work stress, or worse, job loss or the loss of a loved one to a breakup, or worse, death—can understandably cause a deep depression that’s difficult to recover from. However, many of our common, every day habits (i.e., activity levels, sleep loss, alcohol or drug use, and even harboring grudges) can all harm our metal well being.

Here are eight common ways that many of us self-sabotage our mental health—without even realizing it…

1. You’re Sleep Deprived

There’s a very good reason why we trudge through the day on edge, irritable, and downright sour after a night (or extended period) of poor sleep. Those who are habitually deprived of healthy shut eye increase your risk of developing a depression- or anxiety-related disorders due to a startling lack of melatonin, a sleep-related hormone that fosters your circadian rhythm (the biological sleep process). To sleep more soundly, the National Sleep Foundation recommends limiting caffeine and alcohol consumption before bed, as well as shutting off light-emitting technology (i.e., laptop, computer, tablet, and smartphones) at least 3 hours before you hit the hay.

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