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8 Healthier Picnic Food Ideas for International Picnic Day

Did you know that June 18th marks International Picnic Day? There’s nothing quite like packing up the family and heading out to a quiet spot in the woods for a picnic. But what kind of foods should you put together for this fun family event? What foods are both healthy and delicious?

Traditional picnic foods include fried chicken, crackers and cheese, potato chips, and sandwiches, but only some of these food items are worth your family’s time (and are quite processed and unhealthy). So, let’s find out how to celebrate Picnic Day with health in mind…

1. Marinated and Grilled Chicken Breast

Ask many people for their quitessential picnic food item and there’s a good chance they’ll say fried chicken. And why not, it’s delicious and easily transportable in those buckets the big fast food restaurants give you.

But here’s the problem; traditional fried chicken can be loaded with fat. As a healthy alternative, try grilling marinated chicken breast. If cooked right, it will taste just as juicy and flavorful at just a fraction of the fat and calories.


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