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8 Foods That Can Lower Stroke Risk

Strokes are something that can happen to anyone at almost any age, and can leave a patient with catastrophic results. While there isn’t a 100-percent foolproof way to avoid one, there are lifestyle changes you can make, as well as changes to your diet.

“The best way to prevent stroke is by improving your diet,” explains FoodRevolution.org. However, if you’re thinking of making changes to your diet, you may want to consider cutting or reducing red meat and focus on these eight plant-based choices…

1. Chocolate

We thought we’d start this off with something that may get a lot of people excited – chocolate does in fact lower heart disease and stroke risk, according to a BBC article. However, it doesn’t recommend you stuff your face with chocolate – it notes a “moderate” amount (16-grams to 100-grams daily) is beneficial.

There’s a study to back this up – it’s not just wishful thinking. The BBC explains the University of Aberdeen looked at the eating habits of more than 20,000-subjects of middle to late age, and its conclusion was that those who consumed “a small bar per day had an 11-percent lesser risk of cardiovascular disease and a 23-percent reduced risk of stroke.” This may be because of the “protective effect” of chocolate (such as reduced blood pressure), it adds.

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