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8 Foods Every Vegetarian & Vegan Should Be Eating

Regardless of your own personal reasons for becoming a vegan or vegetarian (i.e., animal rights to lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease) going meatless means losing out on some essential nutrients if you’re not informed. Nutritional deficiencies in iron vitamin B12, calcium, vitamin D, zinc, and protein can lead to a ton of health woes—from anemia to osteoporosis. But not if you incorporate these vegan and vegetarian friendly foods into your diet…


1. Nuts

There are numerous health reasons why vegetarians and vegans should go nuts for nuts! It doesn’t matter if it’s raw almonds, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, peanuts, Brazil nuts, pecans, or macadamia nuts—all are excellent sources of protein, zinc, calcium (especially in almonds), heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin E.

Sure, I know that nuts get a bad rap because they’re high in calories. However, a research study from Purdue University ensures us that individuals who nosh on nuts typically weigh less than those who say no to nuts. Studies do indicate that nuts take longer to digest, which means we eat less and burn off more calories in the long run.

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