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7 Weight Loss Tips for Surviving the Mall Food Court

One of the biggest struggles facing those trying to losing weight is eating on the go. Certain places can be huge food temptation triggers, like mall food courts. While each mall can be different, there are common options that can help or hinder your diet and daily intake. Making wise choices when there’s almost too many choices can be the key to your success in the mall.

Food courts are like the buffet of fast food. They often provide a selection of foods that are greasy, fried, empty carbohydrate laden, and high in calories. These foods aren’t geared towards a healthy audience, and standing there with money in your hands can cause you to make a rash decision based on overwhelming feelings. So given the circumstances (being in a mall food court and hungry), let these tips help guide your mall court food decision without the guilt…

1. Japanese

What to avoid: Stay away from all the “tempura” or breaded and fried menu options. Sauces can also be laden with sugars and sodium.

Try this instead: Noodle soups, sushi, grilled meats, and stir fries are all healthy options that should be able to fit into your daily intake without disrupting your scale. When ordering a stir fry, you can often ask them to not use oil, and that will be an even bigger help.


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