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7 Tips for Healthy Organic Pest-Free Gardening

It’s not always easy to keep your vegetable garden from becoming an afternoon snack for insects without using harsh chemicals. After all, if you end up using pesticides, then you’re no longer an organic gardener.

So how do you keep your prized tomatoes from falling victim to little mouths? Well, you may already have some of the solutions around your home, and they won’t cost you a lot. So here are seven ways to maintain a successful organic garden…

1. Spread Coffee Grounds

Instead of throwing away or composting all those ground coffee bits, why not use them as a natural pesticide? Lifehacker.com notes that coffee grounds add nitrogen to the soil, which certain plants love, and “a wide range of creatures can’t stand coffee grounds”.

You’ve probably heard it’s one way to keep cats out of your garden, but apparently it’s also effective for keeping slugs away. If you don’t drink coffee, see if a local coffee shop has any grounds they’re looking to dispose of, notes the source. As an interesting side note, because coffee grounds increase acidity of soil, they can also turn hydrangeas blue.

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