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7 Sparkling Reasons to Use Soda Water

I know, I reach for club soda too whenever I have an upset tummy, but did you know that the fizzy beverage works as an all-purpose solution for just about any health or lifestyle issue? It’s true; club soda is a virtual superstar when it comes to cleaning up stubborn messes, aiding home improvement projects, and even for keeping houseplants happy and well hydrated.

So let’s cheers to the bubbly beverage that does so much more than merely wet your whistle…


1. Stop Pets from Messing

While I agree, “club soda is the sh*t,” it can certainly brag about putting the stop to foul messes and the not-so-house-trained cat or dog that keeps making them. As pet owners, we all know that the hardest part of deterring an animal from another “accident” is to break the cycle.

This typically means banishing any odor or trace of urine or stool in your carpet or on your hardwood floors. Thankfully, saturating the danger zone with club soda and letting it sit for a full 5- or 10-minutes before blotting with a rag or paper towel can totally neutralize the stank and deter repeat offenses by Fluffy or Fido.

2. Zap Mug Stains

I love my green tea, which is why I drink a few pots of the antioxidant-friendly brew each day. However, sadly I’ve ruined my fair share of favorite mugs with unappetizing brown stains due to my sipping addiction.

Luckily, club soda can help restore the luster and banish unsightly brown stains from your most memorable mugs. Simply fill your souvenir Fred Flintstone mug with club soda and let it sit overnight. The wonders of carbonic acid in the bubbly will eat away at any stubborn brown tinges and make your mug “Yabba-Dabba” delightful once again!

3. Polish Chrome and Jewelry

Talk about a dazzling way to perk up chrome finishes and old jewelry—club soda will perk up the look of sterling silver necklaces, watchbands, rings and bracelets, and give fresh new life to grimy kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

So put down the chemical cleaners and polishers and simply douse a soft cloth in club soda. Rub directly onto your taps and sit back and watch the carbonation work it’s wonders on grime, debris, dirt, dullness, and water spots. Place your silver chains and rings directly in a cup of bubbly to restore the full sparkle.

4. Hydrate Houseplants

Is your fern or spider plant looking a little droopy? It’s not too late to give sad, brown-tinged leaves a fresh new lease on life—with a spritz of flat club soda! That’s right; simply let a bottle of club soda go completely flat at room temperature and fill a spray bottle or watering can with the contents.

Spitz or water your “worse for wear” houseplants with the same amount of soda vs the regular tap water you would normally use. The sodium citrate, potassium bicarbonate, and disodium phosphate minerals within the fizzy beverage will restore the soil, hydrate leaves, and perk up your most pathetic houseplants.

5. Banish Bird Poop

I cleaned my car over the weekend, taking advantage of the sun and warmer temperatures. However, as soon as I did, I was sky bombed by a flock of birds. Fortunately, I know that club soda works wonders on bird droppings.

The carbonation eats away the bird poop while protecting the paint and finish on your car. Plus, you can use club soda exactly like Windex on your windshield to banish stray droppings. Just fill a spray bottle with club soda and spritz it right on the tainted area. Allow the carbonation to eat away at the dirt and debris for a full minute before wiping it gently clean with a soft cloth.

6. Scrub Away Stuck-on-Food

Have you ever accidentally left a pot of rice or pasta boiling a little too long—so long that it becomes a charred, stuck-on-mess in the bottom of a perfectly good pot? You’re not alone, I’ve frantically scrubbed pots that still contain traces of burnt remains.

That was until I found out about the wonders of club soda for buffing away stubborn, stuck-on-food. If you made a mess of your pot or fry pan, simply fill the still warm bottom with a bit of club soda and let the carbonation work away on the food mess while you eat. I assure you will return to a hassle-free wash thanks to the carbon dioxide’s ability to loosen stuck on food particles.

7. Loosen Rusty Screws

You know how forcing a rusty screw will turn out—with a broken screw. However, just because a screw in a desk, shelf, or bed frame has corroded doesn’t mean things are totally hopeless. A bit of club soda can loosen any stubborn, rusty screw!

Simply pour a bit of bubbly directly over the unyielding screw and let it sit for 5 to 8 minutes while the carbon dioxide in the beverage eats away at the rust and debris that has built up over time. Once you attempt to turn the screw again, you’ll find it clean and able to twist with ease.




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