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60-Second Quick Happiness Fixes

Moving at the fast pace of a 21st-century life, we all experience little aches and pains throughout our day. Whether its dry eyes, a stiff neck, or just stress that weighs on us and dampens our spirit—these little daily problems can add up and weigh us down quick.

Try these nine quick fixes to keep yourself feeling good throughout your day…


1. Cheers!

Drink 500-millileters of cold water as soon as you wake up. This is not most appetizing habit for many people who don’t like the taste of plain old water. Plus, many often like to sip coffee and ease into the day. But take into account that you’ve just spent an 8-hour night with absolutely no liquids. Trust me, you want the water and the benefits that come with it.

Tim Ferris, Health Researcher and author of the book, Four Hour Body, says that water will help your metabolism wake up with you. You may be eating good food, but if you’re metabolism isn’t ready to process it properly you’re not benefitting. Drinking water will make you hungry for breakfast and ready to digest it properly. As an added bonus, a big glass of water will also fill you up enough to keep you from over-eating. You won’t have to carry around that bloated belly feeling all day.

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