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6 Reasons Why Pizza Can Be Good For You

Pizza often gets a bad rap because it can be associated with binge eating or something quick to grab when you’re out on the town. However, whether you’re eating a couple of slices on the go or having some cold pizza the morning after a night out with friends, it actually has some health benefits.

The Health Sciences Institute based in Baltimore states that pizza in the U.S. is typically made different from pizza in Italy, which traditionally has a thinner crust and therefore not as many empty calories as its American counterpart. But both varieties of pizza contain a key ingredient that can fight disease, according to the institute. Here are six reasons you shouldn’t feel guilty when gobbling down a slice…


1. Pizza Can Help Fight Cancer

That key ingredient in tomato sauce is called lycopene, according to the Health Sciences Institute. It is found in both domestic and Italian pizza pies, and it is a potent antioxidant that can help prevent cancer as well as protect you from heart disease.

However, the institute notes that like any food, the benefits will come from eating pizza in moderation (it suggests a couple of slices per week, not eating an entire pie in one sitting). It also says that lycopene is best absorbed by your body when it’s hot, so this is an instance where cold pizza loses out.

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