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6 Not So Healthy “Health” Foods

Those who go seeking out health foods usually do so with the best intentions—maybe you’re trying to cut refined sugar or lose a bit of weight. However, many so called “health foods”, particularly the processed kinds, aren’t doing you any good.

The following six “health” foods are, in reality, not so health…


1. Organic Crackers

According to food researcher from the Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University, organic crackers are one of the top offenders.  Sure, you would assume that anything “organic” would contain fewer calories and less fat than non-organic boxed crackers at your local grocery store.

However, that’s not the case. Cornell researchers stress that processed foods are just that—still processed. This means they usually contain a lot of sodium to make up the difference, and we usually end up eating twice as much because of that fact.

Cheese and Crackers

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