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Everyday Foods With More Potassium Than a Banana

I worry a lot about vitamin deficiencies. Maybe it’s because I don’t eat dairy, not by choice, I have a casein allergy. However, the thing that keeps me up at night most often is what I’m not getting enough of in my diet. I thought I had potassium all figured out. After all, I eat a banana every morning (at 400-milligrams), either on-the-go, in my smoothie, or on a slice of whole grain toast with almond butter. But it turns out that my banana proof method may not be the sole way to get my daily share of potassium.

Here are six foods that pack more potassium than a banana, thus work to ward off depression, insomnia, heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure to boot…

1. Beans

Beans, beans, they’re good for your heart, the more you eat…the most potassium you’re getting (so get your mind out of the toilet). Choose your favorite bean—from kidney bean to black bean or from navy bean to pinto bean to pack more potassium into your meals.

While kidney beans boast the highest amount of potassium per cup serving (at 600-milligrams), mix up the type and manner in which you serve your beans by adding lima, pinto, edamame, black, and white beans to soups, salads, dips, stews, and burritos.

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