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6 Exercise Tricks To Curb Post-Workout Cravings

No two activities quite go together like exercise and eating. While you may think of eating as a way to fuel your fitness efforts—scientific evidence supports the reverse fact that exercise can also help curb your “hangry” cravings for fatty, calorie, and sugary and starch-laden foods after your workouts.

Adopt these six tactics for busting your unhealthy post-workout cravings…


1. Gravity Is Your Friend

I know, I love swimming and cycling just as much as the next gym rat. However, a 2013 research study published in the journal, Appetite, found that weight-bearing activities have a greater effect on post-workout hunger.

Researchers monitored the post-workout hunger and eating habits of 2 groups—one group performed weight-bearing moves (i.e., jumping rope) while the second group performed non-weight-bearing forms of exercise (i.e., stationary cycling). Findings revealed that the gravity-fighting group (i.e., skippers) showed significantly lower post-workout hunger cravings.

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