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6 Brilliant Beautifying Benefits of Tea

Many of you could have guessed that with all of the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits of tea, it would be an obvious beauty ally. Let’s explore the many age-fighting, blemish banishing, complexion brightening, and puff-preventing perks of this multi-purposed brew…

1. Soothe Sunburn

If your skin has harnessed a few too many of the sun’s scorching rays, you can undo some of the damage left behind with green tea. Simply draw a cool bath and drop in a few green tea bags for brewing. Immerse inflamed areas in the refreshing bath water for comforting, therapeutic soak.

According to a research study conducted by Dr. Stephen Hsu, of the Department of Oral Biology and Maxillofacial Pathology, at the Medical College of Georgia, green tea contains a cocktail of potent polyphenols (particularly epigallocatechin-3-gallate or EGCG), which can trigger the rejuvenation of damaged skin cells. Dr. Hsu notes that the majority of premature aging (roughly 90-percent) is the result of free radical/UV radiation damage.

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