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5 Foods to Help You Keep Your Summer Cool

You don’t always have the luxury of sitting beside a fan or an air conditioner, or jumping into a cold shower when it gets hot and humid. Luckily, there are other ways to stay cooler naturally, and they involve what you eat and drink.

Men’s Fitness magazine points out, we often consume cool beverages and meals that can actually have the opposite effect on us. So skip the beer (because alcohol dehydrates you) and ice cream (which slows the digestion process), and look to these other food and drink choices that are both refreshing and will keep you from overheating in the hot summer sun…


1. Cucumbers

If you want to be as “as cool as a cucumber”, then all you have to do is eat one. An article from Colorado State University (Master Gardener Program) states says the high content of water in cucumbers makes them ideal for hot days.

The New York Times also backs up the cooling properties of this veggie in a 2012 blog post that states cucumbers naturally cool you down, while also helping to prevent water retention (causing bloating and aches), which many people experience during balmy summer days. The blog post suggests looking for cucumbers that aren’t waxed, as the skin also has vital nutrients such as magnesium and potassium that are a bonus to eating them.

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