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5 Alzheimer’s Fighting Super Foods

If there’s a history of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease in your family, you may already take supplements in order to boost memory and protect against age-related memory decline.

However, researchers at Yale University claim that the body doesn’t absorb nutritional supplements quite as effectively as it does natural foods. And when it comes to brain-boosting, Alzheimer’s-fighting super foods, these five fruits, vegetables should be tops on your shopping list…


1. Berries, Berries, Berries

You likely already know that berries—such as strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries—are considered super foods. This is due to the fact that they deliver a boatload of antioxidants in each bite!

Antioxidants have long been liked to enhance cognitive function in dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. However, a study published by the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease discovered that high-antioxidant berries were able to reduce plaque in the brain, which is thought to cause Alzheimer’s.

Raspberry Ketone

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