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The Health Benefits of Eating Celery

Celery – it’s sometimes the co-star on a plate of chicken wings while watching the big game, but in fact celery should have a pedestal all its own. Not only is celery a light and refreshing snack, it also packs a lot of nutrition.

There are a number of other health boosts from enjoying some celery, and some of them may surprise you. So let’s have a closer look at 14 health benefits of this marshland plant…

1. Controls Cholesterol

If you’re dealing with high cholesterol, then celery may be something you want to have more of, says DrAxe.com. The source says celery contains a “unique compound” called 3-n-butylphthalide (BuPh) that reportedly has lipid-lowering powers (cholesterol is a lipid).

It cites a study by the University of Singapore involving rats that were fed a high-fat diet for 8-weeks. The rats that were given celery extract “showed significantly lower levels of lipids” in their blood than those that didn’t.

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