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12 Tips for Creating a Weight Management Lifestyle

2. Eat Veggies

Although we are aware of the importance of eating vegetables many are challenged with adding them to their meal plans. From reducing the chance of chronic diseases like cancers, diabetes, and heart disease to providing us with the nutrients we need to function optimally, vegetables should be a major part of any diet. The Canada’s Food Guide suggests that half of our plate should contain vegetables to gain the full health benefits. For many, the thought of eating half a plate of veggies at every meal is enough to stop eating altogether.

Nutritionists will tell us that adding more vegetables to our plates will help bulk up our meals, provide us with the fibre we need for good health, and is a great low-calorie way to fill up while losing weight. For those “veggie haters”, mixing veggies up with scrambled eggs or throwing them into a stir-fry is a great way of covering them up while reaping the benefits at the same time.

Adult eating Vegetables

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