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11 Considerations for Sugar Detox

2. Focus on Whole Foods

The average North American consumes approximately 23 teaspoons of sugar every day.  The culprits may not be the sugar they can see, but the sugar that is hidden in most process foods items we buy every day.  From salad dressings and ketchup to soups and lunch meats if one were to check the amount of sugar per serving, one would understand how we can ingest 23 teaspoons of sugar a day.

Whole foods are defined as foods that rot within a week, that don’t have a package, or foods that our ancestors would recognize as food.  Vegetables, fruits, or anything with less than a few ingredients (and ingredients we can pronounce) are whole foods.  Whole foods are low in sugar or naturally occurring, like fruit.  By adding more whole foods and reducing our process food intake, we will be successful at lowering our sugar intake significantly.

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