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10 Tips for Weight Loss that Lasts

2. Say No

There’s nothing worse than the guilt trip and subsequent face-stuffing after someone makes something “just for you”. These treats are usually cookies, pies and cakes – things you probably avoid in most cases if you’re following a diet and making healthy food choices. And it’s always a bit funny (or annoying) when someone bakes for you but refuses to have any themselves. These food-pushers can be hard to deal with because you don’t want to seem rude or unappreciative.

While the thought and effort is nice, it can really knock some people off their healthy habits. For those who have worked hard to lose weight and struggle to keep it off, the offered treats are a temptation you’d rather not face regularly. Almost everyone has a hard time saying no, which means you might often give in and indulge beyond what you’d like to. The best thing to do is say no and explain that while you appreciate it, you’re focusing on eating healthy. This will also hopefully prevent the person from doing it again. Indulge in a piece of cake if you want but let others who want it take it home.

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