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10 Things People Trying To Lose Weight Never Want to Hear

So you’ve decided to lose weight. You’ve joined a gym, are following a new diet, and have been reading up on lifestyle changes that can help with weight loss. You feel motivated and determined to succeed. Then someone close to you opens their mouth and says exactly what you don’t want to hear. At best, you’re annoyed. At worst, it knocks you off balance and impacts your progress.

We’ve all been there. Losing weight is hard and staying focused takes commitment. Your environment, especially the people around you, can impact whether you succeed. You probably know it shouldn’t matter what other people think or say, but some comments are hard to swallow. If you comment on other people’s weight loss goals, be considerate and avoid these ten things people trying to lose weight never want to hear…

1. “Should You Really Eat That?”

It’s pretty rude when someone asks whether or not you should eat something because you’re trying to lose weight. What do they know? You didn’t ask for the food police. The person who said it is thinking that if you’re trying to lose weight, you shouldn’t be eating certain things, even though they don’t know what your plan is or how you’re approaching weight loss, and bottom line is that it isn’t their business. Straight-out stating that someone shouldn’t eat something because it might be high in calories, fat, or sugar is never appropriate. It simply isn’t your place to judge others, and tons of effective diets don’t cut out whole food groups anyway.

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