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10 Slim Secrets from Svelte Europeans

Have you ever visited a European city and felt overwhelmed by the amount of beautiful, trim people? They’re hard to miss–and they’re everywhere in Europe. Western tourists often stick out in a crowd of locals, and it’s not just the camera around their neck or the flag they wear proudly on their backpack, it’s their waistlines.

While we could claim all of Europe has good genes, it’s more likely that their lifestyle and healthy habits give them these enviously healthy figures. Here are 10 wellness secrets from svelte Europeans…

1.  Walk As Much As You Can

When visiting a European country, you would be hard pressed not to notice how everyone gets around: with their own two feet. European cities are better laid out for walking and taking public transit than a lot of North American cities are, but you can still get walking if you make it a priority. Taking the stairs, parking far from the entrance of a store, and walking to the corner store when you only need a few items will help increase your daily steps. Also consider taking a brisk walk a couple times a week to increase your cardio exercise–and to relax and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.


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