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10 Simple Ways to Shed a Pound a Week

It can seem very difficult to lose a single pound. However, when you step back and consider that we gain and lose weight based on a simple formula of calories in and calories out. That means if you consume more calories than you expend you’ll gain weight, and if you expend more calories than you consume you’ll lose weight. We can use two methods to lose a single pound–either we cut calories through diet or we expend calories via physical activity, either way 3,500 calories burnt = 1 pound lost.

So if your jeans are fitting a little tighter than usual, we recommend a few fairly simple ways that you can cut 500-calories per day–either via exercise or by cutting them from your diet (you can also take the more moderate approach by burning 250 calories with exercise and only cutting 250 calories from your daily diet)…

1. Watch those Sandwich Toppings

Make very slight changes to your lunch sandwich or salad that you’ll hardly even notice. Try, for instance, skipping high calorie toppings for one, such as mayo or cheese.

Instead, ask for lower calorie sandwich spreads, such as mustard. Or amp up the veggie content of your pita wrap or salad so you won’t even miss the shredded cheese.


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