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Foods You Can Safely Eat Past The Due Dates

2. Processed Cereal

If there’s a pending apocalypse, you should really stock up on boxed, commercially prepared cereal…as long as you don’t mind a little less crunch in your bowl. Despite getting a bit stale and losing flavor, most food experts say processed cereals will last for up to 6 months past its due date, especially if you’re careful about preserving it after you open it. Wrapping the open bag with a rubber band or pinching it shut with a clothespin will do the trick.

You want to draw the line if you notice any discoloration in the cereal itself, or if you detect any traces of physical breakdown. Stale cereal will also lose its crunch; flakes will feel flimsy, almost as though they’ve already been in milk when they’ve just come straight out of the box. In those cases, it’s best to toss your cereal stash and head to the grocery store.

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