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10 Delectably Healthy Uses For Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is not only super healthy for you; it’s also super versatile as a high protein-lower calorie substitute in your baking and cooking. In fact, Greek yogurt contains almost half the sugar of flavored yogurts and a fraction of the fat if you use it as an alternative to sour cream or mayonnaise (for dips).

Thick, creamy, and packed with nutrients—here are ten delectable uses for Greek yogurt…

1. Sandwich Spread

Swipe a little Greek yogurt on your Panini as opposed to fatty butter or margarine.

2. Muesli Snack Attack

Mix a half cup of organic muesli with ¼ cup of Greek yogurt and a drizzle of honey as a healthy and filling way to combat mid-afternoon hunger.

3. Mix it with Tuna or Egg Salad

Use low fat Greek yogurt as the creamy base of your tuna or egg salad and add fresh dill, garlic, green onions, and even curry powder to the mix instead of high fat mayo.

4. Forgo the Cream in Sauces

Cream-based sauces are a threat to your weight loss goals, but you can still enjoy them if you substitute the heavy cream for plain Greek yogurt.

5. Banish Fatty Burritos

Need a topper for that burrito? Put down the sour cream and add a dollop of Greek yogurt to cut calories and fat, but not flavor. The same can work for tacos and nachos too!

6. Healthy Deviled Eggs

Mix your deviled egg yolks with a bit of green yogurt, avocado, and dill rather than Miracle Whip or mayo so you get just the good fats.

7. Cut the Fat in Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a Sunday dinner and holiday tradition so we don’t expect you to skip them—just whip them with nonfat Greek yogurt instead of cream and butter.

8. Protein-Packed Smoothies

Did you know that by swapping using Greek yogurt for skim milk in your breakfast smoothie, you’ll be adding 3 times the amount of protein to the mix?

9. Mmmmmmmmmm Marinades

Keep the zest in your meat marinades by using Greek yogurt instead of oil as the base to reduce fat while keeping the meat moist.

10. Swirl your Soup

If your mouth loves cream soups, but your waistline doesn’t, try using yogurt as the base so you still get that creamy, thick bowl—minus the fat and calories of heavy cream or butter.


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Emily Lockhart

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